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Nervous System

Many of the common diseases associated with the Nervous system and the brain have been found underoccupational exposures. Unfortunately, these exposures do not categorize what type of electromagnetic frequency involved. The ones that do, identify it in crude terms as Magnetic fields, probably in lower frequency bands associated with power lines frequencies, not the higher RF & microwave frequencies bands found in wireless communication radiation. Nevertheless, 60 years of electromagnetic science shows time and again that bio-effects occurring in the lower powerline frequency bands, more often than not occur in the higher RF/microwave frequency bands.

FIELD EXPOSURE STUDIES – Uncontrolled Environments
Occupational EMF

  • Summary: Elevated occupational magnetic field exposure was associated with an increased risk of Alzheimers.
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  • Summary: Higher incidence of ALS, Parkinsons in Electrical occupations.
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Diabetes is a particularly pervasive disease today with a very strong growing trendline. Diabetes is an interesting disease because it relates to many other metabolic diseases, which often their root cause in stress factors concommitantly effecting glucose metabolism. The key factor in RF radiation’s bioeffect is most often stimulating stress mechanisms of the body.

FIELD EXPOSURE STUDIES – Uncontrolled Environments
Cell Towers | General EMF Sources

  • Summary: School Children exposed to Cell towers in vicinity of School higher incidence of Type 2 Diabetes as measured specific hemogloblin marker, HbA1c.
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LAB EXPOSURE STUDIES – Controlled Environments
Cell Phone

  • Summary: Cellphone use tied increase brain glucose activity can lead to the formation of free radicals which in excess can damage healthy cells or set off an inflammatory response.
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Radio Transmitter

  • Summary: Study showed mice who were exposed to mobile phone simulated radiation for longer periods showed higher glucose levels and higher insulin resistance.
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