Scientific Reviews and Analysis of the Literature

Scientific Reviews and Analysis of the Literature

Bio-Initiative Report , 2007, 2012: A Scientific Literature Review & Analysis  of 1000s of studies showing Biological Effects of RF/Microwaves & ELF electromagnetic radiation. Recommend new emission standards for US. The review of the research literature was conducted by over 5 notable scientists specializing in the field of  RF bioeffect research. Report

Oxidative Mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation. 2015.  A cutting edge metanalysis that examines the over 100 scientific research studies on probable link between RF exposure effects and disease by way of oxidative stress mechanisms. Report.

National Academy of Science proposal, 2008 – “Identification of Research Needs Relating to Potential Biological or Adverse Health Effects of Wireless Communication”  calling  for research that establishes a better understanding of 24 hour multiple source wirelesss exposure on human health. Report

Mobile Telecommunications & Health” –ECOLOG  2000 Reportsponsored by T Mobile & Duetsches Telecom.  Although sponsored by telecommunication company the report shows,  even in year 2000, a great deal of evidence of adverse effects by wireless RF/microwave radiation. The report was suppressed for 10 years until a group of European advocates discovered it and translated it into English. Report

Biological and Health Effects of Micrwave Radio Frequency Transmissions: A Review of the Research Literature”; 2013.  Dart P. MD, Cordes K.  MD, Elliott A. ND, Knackstedt  J. MD, Morgan J. MD, Wible P. MD,  Baker S.;  – a compilation produced by naturopathic and medical doctors showing the wide range of biological and health effects experienced by exposure to Wireless technology presented  well illustrated, comprehensible concise manner.

Graphic presentation: Report1. Detailed Report: Report2

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression”; Dr. Martin Pall, 2015

The author accumulates evidence from US document reports of the 1970s and 1980s including numerous  more recent research which shows how disruptive Microwaves are to the central nervous system. His main premises is linking these effects on the nervous system to cellular disturbances on the calcium balances in the cell which is highly sensitive to  disruptions by electromagnetic radiation in this case wireless RF/ and microwaves. Report

Sperm Damage, Cancer & Reduced fertility Studies, 2010,  summarized by Powerwatch, UK. Report

Cell towers and Antenna Arrays – Biological effects, 2010, comprehensive review of science, analyzed Dr. Henry Lai, bioengineering dept, Univ of Wash, Seattle, & Blake Levitz, former science writer NY Times.  Report

Scientific Resolutions Because of concern of governments around the world are not properly addressing the critical risks associated with RF radiation exposure,  Independent International Scientists, Medical professionals, and other scientific professionals have taken it upon themselves issue various Resolutions and Declarations throughout  the years that confirm their positions on Wireless and Electromagnetic radiation Health risks.

The Freiburger Appeal 2002, over 50 German Environmental physicians/scientists appeal government & industry for precautionary measures RF/Microwave emitting devices.

Porto Alegre Resolution 2009

The Venice Resolution 2008

Benevento Resolution 2006

The Catania Resolution 2002  (bottom of page)

The Salzburg Resolution 2000  

Over 190 Worldwide Scientist appeal UN 5_2015, calling for review of Science and reassessment on expansion of Wireless and Electromagnetic Devices & Infrastructure