Groundbreaking 9 year research from NIEHS showed higher incidence of Cancers and Tumors of the Heart, Brain, Adrenal and Prostrate glands. Particularly prevalant were Schwanomas – benign tumors on peripherial nervous system on mice and rats exposed to 2G & 3G cell phones

3/2018, US National Institute of Health
See Cancer Section under “Experimental Research…” for details

Children exposed to heavy use of Cell phones during mother’s pregnancy as well as use before age seven demonstrated more behavioral /hyperactivity problems, Divan et al, 2008 

Less ½ hour of cell phone use resulted in significant increase brain sugar levels.  Volkow, 2011 


Cell phone call for 1 minute among college students who were long term users showed detectable  increases in heart rate, cholesterol & decrease blood oxygen levels compared to new users of cellular technology. Parkar et all, 2010


Sperm exposed to radiation from laptops in wifi mode showed compromised motility and loss of DNA integrity. which could have having an effect on fertility and health of the fetus. Avendaño, 2010


Experimental and Epidemiological Research
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Experimental studies are the bases of  Primary Research from which all other Research, Reports, Scientific Reviews and Analysis and Hypothesis are derived. This Section is divided by areas of physiological function and disease.  Further divided by type of research:  Lab studies – Controlled settings; or Field studies – partial controls or Uncontrolled environment- forming the bases of an Epidemiological study.

Historical Documents and Reports
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Russian & American Military Reports dating back before 1986 of 1950’s 60’s and 70s, were first to summarize the experimental research, mostly Russian origin, showing bio-effects of RF/microwave technology. Those studies found a host of bio-effects from Wireless exposure ranging from sleep disorders, headaches, depression, dizziness, anxiety, memory problems, digestion, heart irregularities, tinnitus, and  many more physical effects that have become common today. More chilling is a Research Report written by US Air force in 1986 showing the lethal power Radio wave technology can have to alter and manipulate human health and behavior.

Scientific Reviews and Analysis
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The most profound influence on modern science and policy making is not necessarily individual experimental research but those who analyze, synthesize  a preselected compendium of experimental and epidemiological research data to reach general scientific conclusions. These analyses often form the basis of policy decisions by governments and institutions to promote the safety or non-safety of certain products and chemical compounds.

Easy Reading Scientific Articles
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EMF & Wireless Research and Reports can be difficult to understand for the Lay reader, therefore Articles that simplify the information but stay true to the Science can be a worthwhile introduction into the Biological of Effects of Radio and Microwave Wireless frequency radtiation.

Websites Of Interest
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The breath and complexity,  politcal & social ramifications of EMF Science can be overwhelming, and presentation of the issues are very diverse. The Website referrals provided here attempt to cover  a comprehensive range of those multiple factors as possible.

Databases: Interactive and Categorized
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Databases included here differ from other types of Reports  and Websites in that they list pure scientific research studies to facilitate the user’s interest in the information they feel is important for the type of interpretation they wish to derive.

Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS)
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Electrosensitivity (EHS) is hotly debated term among scientific Institutions, Industry and Activists. The bottom line is that, although the direction of the term has been to classify EHS as belonging to a small Class of people, research shows most of us will experience similar symptoms and biological effects with long term over-exposure.

Worldwide & US Actions and Policies
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Represents the Cautionary Policies and Actions taken by Institutions, Governmental and Non-profit organizations in the U.S and Worldwide as they relate to Wireless exposures.