Historical Documents and Reports

Historical Documents and Reports

Russian &  American Military  Documents dating back before 1986 of  1950’s 60’s and 70s, were the first to report and observe many of the functional impairments and health effects we are experiencing and finding in our  scientific studies today. The studies reveal significant physiological effects of RF/Microwave exposure on the Nervous System, behavior, cardiovascular and reproductive system .

German Report, 1965 sponsored by Ford Motor Co.: showed Central Nervous System  cardio vascular changes, sleep & other functional disorders were affected by low RF/microwave radiation levels. This is an academic paper that covers and explains  many of the important issues still debated in science today. Report

US Military – 1971: The report, mostly of Russian origin, summarizes the physical symptoms and biological effects found from a list of 2000 research studies, which analyzed  the effects of exposure by Russian personnel working in Microwave related professions. Report.

***Russian Report  – 1972:  Discusses in detail the process of electromagnetic- RF sensitivity & development of functional impairment with emphasis on the hypothalamus activity &  brain chemistry. Report notes the phases of stimulation, adaptation, functional decline of an organism. Restoration is possible when microwave stimuli is removed or reduced. Report

US Army Medical Intelligence – 1975: Continuation and Analysis of Russian research (included is research from other communist countries of the time) relating to EMF workers in exposed industries i.e. radar workers; the many symptoms and health damage experienced.  Conclusions show how body & mental functions can be impaired  and death ensue with targeted frequencies.  Report

US Government 1979  Report:  confirmed the results of  Russian microwave biological research during the 50’s & 60s. The report’s assessment  proved the validity of the original Russian research which was heavily challenged by US government in early 70’s. Report

NASA, 1981 This report places a lot of emphasis on the theories of physics and physical properties of RF/microwaves as they effect the body. The Report challenges conventional theories on Ionizing vs. Non- Ionizing, Thermal vs. Non-Thermal radiation as it relates to biological effects. They conclude similar biological disruption and damage occur with all those conditions. Modulation’ seems to be the key factor in similarities of bio-effects. They also contend “ experiments show removal of earth’s natural electric field, and/or application of manmade field can disrupt circadian rhythm”. Report

US Military – 1986 :  Document reveals the Frightening alterations achieved in human behavior and health by manipulation and deployment of radio and microwave frequencies. Report