1.  User Interactive/Searchable “RF-Dbase” – EXCEL Spreadsheet:

          Approx. 900 Categorized & Referenced,  Positive Effect Research Studies

  • The User has full access to the Filter and Search capabilities of the Excel’s Menu program to capture the type of Studies they are looking for.
  • Several APPlication Programs have been installed to facilitate Viewing & Compare the Abstracts, Filtering the RF-EMF Dbase, and Charting the Information, and Re-Categorizing the Studies.
  • Most Databases are plagued by massive Duplication of studies. This Database has tried to eliminate all Duplication. This allows the User to Select and Reselect a study depending upon the User’s Dbase categorization criteria  using the FILTER/Search procedures of EXCEL Menu and the APPs.

Ways to View & Work with the RF-EMF Interactive Dbase

1) View ONLINE, ONLY  the Study Records & Information Fields without the Abstracts.

  • The Online version shows the APPs available on the Top Row and Cell B4, but they are only Images.!AjI3hZOB4LcBgTxpRA1xWVcxfFI2

  • You can Download the Online Version to manipulate the Dbase in your Computer

2)  EXCEL Desktop Version – Complete with Abstracts & APPs


  • Download to your Computer the “RF-EMF Interactive Dbase” Folder containing 7 files: Main “RFDbase” File, 4 WORD APP Program files, and One WORD Security File and One EXCEL Security File.

  • NOTE: All Files in the Folder are Accessed and Usuable through the APPs in the “RF Dbase” file.
  • COPY  the Downloaded Folder to a Folder or Desktop on your Computer
  • Open the “RF Interactive Dbase” Folder then Open “RF Dbase” File
  • If ‘ Security Warning’ appears Do NOT be concerned. The Warning applies to Macro APPs written with cross Folder capabilities. These Macro APPs can ONLY  access information for the Files in this Folder, NO other Files or Folders on your Computer can be accessed!
  • CLICK on OPTIONS Box.  CHOOSE Enable this Content” the CLICK “OK box.

To Avoid  the “Security Warning” from Reappearing Each time you open a File in this Folder enable the Files Permanently by:

  • Click on “HELP” Button on the Purple ribbon of Row 1
  • SELECT “SECURE RF Dbase File”,  follow the Instructions. When finish Return to “HELP” Button
  • SELECT “SECURE WORD DOCUMENT Files”, follow the same Instructions for Word Files.
  • Viewing  & Closing the Abstracts: To OPEN –  SELECT a Green “View Abstr” Cell; To CLOSE – Double CLICK the Green “View Abstr” Cell; To RE-OPEN – SELECT another Cell, then SELECT the Green  “View Abstr” Cell
  • READ the “Instruction Guide” under “HELP” APP Button for Resizing the Abstract Textboxes Instruction Guide” No.  IX <Ctrl Click> on “View Abstr Cell COMMENT….” title  to go down to actual instructions.
  • READ the  “Instruction Guide” & DEMO File for Any  APP program you want to work with, or experiment on your own first. Most APP Buttons have Instructions attached.
  • READ both “Instruction Guide” & EXCEL Help Menu ? to work with the DATA> FILTER commands
  1. Database of over 2000 studies citations on Effects  of EMF-RF/ELF compiled by UK electrosensitive Electrosensitive group.

DBase Includes a very inclusive time frame dating back to 1917  until March of 2018, most listings include complete Abstract links, many with full study links. Excellent bio- effect categorization for each research study and comprehensive Table of Contents.  Also additional summaries of selected studies with a focus on Electrosensitivity from both RF- Wireless to the magnetic and electric field sources.

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Alternate Document Link:

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III. Over 370  Wireless Radiation & EMF Studies, Published from August, 2016 – April, 2018 Compiled by  Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley,

Includes complete or partial abstracts and their web link. The studies collected also include several that emphasize the physics or mechanisms involved in Electromagnetic bio-effects

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  1.  List of 97 Reviews on Non-thermal Effects of Microwave/Lower Frequency EMFs, compiled by Martin L. Pall

Among the scientific reviews documenting these various non-thermal health effects are 97 that follow. Each of these reviews cites at least a dozen primary literature citations showing non-thermal effects, with many citing 100 or more going up to the 3rd reference which cites over 1000 such citations. It can be seen from this that the primary literature citations supporting the existence of various non-thermal health effects cited in these reviews go into several thousands. This list is not intended to be a list of all important such reviews, however it gives some measure of the size of the literature that contradicts the industry contention that there are no non-thermal effects of microwave frequency EMFs.

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