5G Free Oregon


The 5G small cells antennas deployment is now happening at a faster and faster pace. The industry is selling it as the great future of communications, like this rosy picture of a future civilization. Far from the truth. As usual, it is mainly a sales pitch for huge money interests.

The telecoms and their site developers want you to believe that antennas for 5G must be installed very close to your homes, because 5G does not travel far and does not penetrate well into buildings.

Behind that is greed. Health concerns for you and your children are intentionally hidden or denied. The telecoms and their contractors will get a monthly check for each antenna they install, a lot less than if they install them on high towers away from residential areas, which would still give the majority of you the coverage you want.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) makes every city/county/state believe that your city/county/state has no power to regulate those installations, which is not only false, but unconstitutional.

We are retaining the services of a specialized attorney, one of the best, to show your city it has more power it believes it has.

To support this new action, we need your contribution to help stop 5G, recruit volunteers to reach out to the greatest number of people concerned by 5G, educate communities about 4G/5G, develop our social media presence, pay for attorneys fees.

We are not against technology. We advocate for wired rather than wireless connections to the internet, phone lines and all devices. Not only it is faster, but it is safer.

5G Free Oregon is a part of Wireless Education Action, a non-profit run by a group of volunteers for 7 years now. You can find more info on who we are and our accomplishments in the About page.

Independent Scientific Research on EMF Health impacts is also available on this website and many other websites listed in our Science and Resources pages.


Why spreading information on what is happening is so important:

We need to protect our children and grandchildren, as well as friends whose health has been severely affected by unchecked WiFi harm. We want to share with you how best to reduce your radiation exposure before it is too late.


Protect Your Family: Short and long term effects are reported worldwide by people of all ages who are exposed to wireless radiation.





Learn the risks associated with WiFi to protect yourself, your family, and your community.