Websites with Focus on Science

EMFWise: thorough Introduction into science with good factual Referencing

Microwave News: A highly respected journal website spanning 25 years of reporting on Electromagnetic radiation effects on health – emphasis on the politics, scientists involved in the research. in The editor has his training in physics.

Website Database: Showing both Positive & No-Effect RF/microwave Research – well categorized

Powerwatch Website: Compiles an excellent list of scientific papers showing EMF health effect. The list comprises over 700 studies divided into various wireless technology categories; i.e cell towers, cell phones, wifi, power lines, etc. Some studies overlap categories. The studies are further categorized by positive (harmful effects), negative ( no harm effects) and the Null ( theoretical papers explaining mechanisms of EMFs). The majority of 700 studies show harmful effects.

EMF Safety Network: Popular website, emphasis on Smart Meter (Microwave Utility meters) activist issues, but also covers a wide array of EMF issues. Includes a rich source of links and scientific information.

Dr. Magda Havas Website/ Webpage of Historical RF health research conducted by Military & Russian scientist on biological effects of RF radiation.

ElectromagneticHealth website a colorful , engaging website for the consumer interested in understanding and protecting themselves from harmful effects of wireless and other EMF radiation. Special features are audio interviews and quotes from professionals, scientists who have been involved in the field for over 20 years.

EHTrust: Leading epidemiologist and scientist in Public Health and cell phones. Formerly spearheaded University of Pittsburg brain cancer research program into cell phones.

EHHI: One Webpage of an Excellent Review of the Science with Tables and Descriptive summary of the Studies from varied Biological Categories.

Research Website: A collection of Specific Studies demonstrating Harmful Effects

National Environmental Safety: Website hosts links to number of important other websites under categorical headings