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Children exposed to heavy use of Cell phones during mother’s pregnancy as well as use before age seven demonstrated more behavioral /hyperactivity problems, Divan et al, 2008
Sperm exposed to radiation from laptops in wifi mode showed compromised motility and loss of DNA integrity. which could have having an effect on fertility. Avendaño, 2010
Population living within 100 meters of cell tower resulted in 35% increase in Cancer rates of a city in Brazil confirming Austrian and German Studies. Dodea, 2011
Less ½ hour of cell phone use resulted in significant increase brain sugar levels. Volkow, 2011
Cell phone call for 1 minute long term users vs. newer users resulted in increase of heart rate, cholesterol & decrease blood oxygen levels . Parkar et all, 2010

Where Are We Now?

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The above research shows just a few examples of how Wireless RF and microwave radiation can effect our health. It is folly to focus one disease, symptom or physical interaction. Surrounding ourselves with this foreign envelope of radiation, never experienced by life on this planet before the last century, but much more so in the last 15 years, is having disturbing effect on many living systems. Thousands (1000’s) of research studies produced in the last 60 years demonstrate the host of biological and wildlife adverse effects possible by exposure to electromagnetic RF microwave technology. We can only attempt to introduce a small percentage of that research in this website.

Electromagnetic Radiation is a natural force of the Earth that powers all living systems. But man in his quest to harness the gifts of nature and disregard the any negative side effects it may produce, has manipulated and twisted the natural rhythms of the earth to enlarge his fortunes in communication, security and weaponry. Consequently, all living things are undergoing sometimes subtle and sometimes NOT so subtle changes, that most of us will never be made aware of unless the media wishes to be more forthcoming on the pleas of 100s of scientists worldwide trying to get our attention

The controversy surrounding the acceptance of adverse effects from wireless technology is legendary and, understandably, replete with conflicts of interest and contradictory claims. However, if the weight of the evidence has any bearing on the facts then it cannot be denied we need to be more judicious in the use and exploitation of this technology.

It is Our HOPE the Information on this Website will demonstrate the Urgency and Need to Reduce Use and Exposure from this Form of Radiation, then motivate others to Join our Organization’s Efforts to create more Meaningful Change

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The Research


Individual Research Studies

This type of Science represent the heartbeat of all scientific literature. It requires the painstaking and often costly work of establishing proper parameters to reach an outcome not always predictable. It reflects the pure science from which all other scientific conclusions and analysis are based. Pure scientific research today suffers from alleged ‘Bias’, primarily leveled at Industry funded science which over the years has represented a larger share of the evidence. However 2 different respected scientific analysis in 2006 and 2012 compared Industry-funded versus Independent-funded scientific sources one review found Independent Science showed over 70% of the research demonstrated biological effects while the reverse was true for Industry funded science. The Science reflected here represents science free of large corporate funding influences.

Historical Documents

Russian & American Military Documents dating back before 1986 of 1950’s 60’s and 70s, were the first to report and observe many of the functional impairments and health effects we are experiencing and finding in our scientific studies and the population at large today. Those studies found a host of physiological effects from Electromagnetic RF/Microwave exposure ranging from sleep disorders, headaches, depression, dizziness, nervousness, memory problems, digestion, heart irregularities, tinnitus, to the more obscure, such as trembling eyelids, changes in olfactory sensitivity, loss of hair as well as many bio-chemical effects. Much more chilling is a Paper written by US Air force in 1986 showing the lethal power Radio wave technology can have to alter and manipulate human health and behavior.

Scientific Reviews and Analysis

The most profound influence on modern science and policy is not necessarily individual experimental research but those who analyze, disect a preselected compendium of individual research studies to reach certain conclusions. This is an important function because it often represents the evidence used by governments around the world to reach conclusions and make policy decisions on the safety or non- safety of certain products and chemical compounds.