Wireless Education Action is composed of citizens, volunteers, parents, scientists, and medical professionals who are concerned about the health effects of wireless radiation. You may believe that wireless technologies – cellphone towers and Wi-Fi, smart phones, tablets, smart meters and appliances, etc…are safe but the fact is thousands of peer-reviewed studies say they are not!


Learn the risks associated with WiFi to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate pregnant women, parents, children, school authorities, teachers, students, medical professionals, policy makers and public in the safe use of the wireless technology and products.

Our Vision

Change the behavior of wireless products users to prevent short and long-term negative health consequences.


  • Make you and others aware of wireless products radiation risks
  • Inform parents, teachers, school authorities of their moral and legal responsibility to protect the health of their children by reducing their EMF radiation exposure at home and school
  • Advocate for safer wireless safety standards
  • Support for more scientific research
  • Support review of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 preventing local governments to fulfill their duties to protect their citizen’s health as defined in the Constitution

Why we are soliciting your help now:

We have had several successful actions and events and are now involved in projects investing our time and money, we need extra resources to do more. Specifically your contribution will be used to print education material, upgrade our website, carry out public events, train teachers and for administrative support.

Why spreading education is so important:

We need to protect our children and grandchildren, as well as friends whose health has been severely affected by unchecked WiFi harm. We want to share with you how best to reduce your radiation exposure before it is too late.

— We will be utterly grateful to you for your support and invite you to join us at some meetings or events if you so desire.

Rodrigue Deschenes

Any question? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Be Educated, Protect Your Family: Short and long term effects are reported worldwide by people of all ages who are exposed to wireless radiation.